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Simple Tips to Help You Save on Auto Insurance

drivingAlthough drivers might be required by law to have automobile insurance, it doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, there are a number of very simple things you can do to help save extra cash on your automobile insurance policy each month. Believe it or not, most consumers are actually overpaying for their insurance plans by just paying their monthly premium automatically each billing cycle. Instead of doing that, it’s recommended you take some time to read over each of these five suggestions out below. Consider all of these money saving tips next time you’re thinking about changing or upgrading your policy.


Vehicle Options

The different options that come with your vehicle can save big bucks! Extra features like an alarm or the fact that your automobile is kept inside a garage can be one of the easiest ways to cut costs on your auto insurance. It’s something to think about before you purchase a car, and is definitely something to remember to tell your insurance agent once you’ve purchased the car. Some agents won’t ask you this kind of information so it’s important you make it clear to them.


Automobile Maintenance

Those who ride motorcycles or drive business vehicles should also note that it’s important to keep everything on your vehicle well maintained. Factory motorcycle parts and service can be expensive. By keeping your bike clean and running smoothly it will make your engine last longer and require less time inside a shop subsequently causing your insurance premiums to rise. The same goes with business vehicles that are driven for long hours each week. Be sure to keep up with oil changes and fill all fluids to prevent them from a trip into the shop.


Maintain Good Credit

Just like most other things we buy as adults, insurance premiums are also partially based on your credit score. So, maintaining a good credit history will help bring your monthly rates down. This is another easy method for saving extra money because it requires virtually nothing from you! Your rates can go down just by paying all your bills on time each month and maintaining good credit.


Bundle and Save

Since most insurance providers offer multiple kinds of insurance (Auto, Home, Life, etc.) members can often save extra by having multiple policies with the same carrier. Consider buying your home (or renters), automobile, and life insurance all from the same company. By bundling all of these together you’ll often get a hefty discount on each of them. Also be sure to ask your provider about group insurance discounts for signing up your entire family!

As you can see, all of the suggestions above are simple inexpensive ways you can save extra money when buying auto insurance. Along with these tips, remember to take your time and plan to get quotes from multiple companies to see who is the most affordable. It’s also a good idea to look up you’re driving record before getting any type of insurance quote online. By knowing what’s on your driving record you should also have an idea on what to expect when you are getting quotes for insurance premiums.