A VIN verification is required by the DMV for certain vehicles & situations. For instance, with out-of-state vehicles the DMV will require that you have your vehicle verified by a DMV employee, a CHP officer or a licensed mobile VIN verifier. A VIN verification is NOT a Carfax report, nor is it a NMVTIS report (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). A Carfax and NMVTIA are both reports detailing the vehicles history or the title/brand status; these reports are meant for consumers that want to confirming the history of a vehicle. A VIN verification is NOT a history report. Instead, it’s an inspection of the year, make, model, body type model (body configuration), GVRW (gross vehicle weight), mileage, whether or not the Federal Certification Label is present, an emissions label, and above all and most importantly the VIN and where it is attached to.

How do I know if I require a VIN Verification?

  • You are in posession of a foreign or out of state vehicle.
  • Vehicle that has fallen off of the DMV’s database (no DMV record).
  • Vehicle that has had its body’s configuration changed requiring a new BTM (body type model).

What is needed in order to do a VIN verification?

  • First and foremost you need to have the vehicle. This is because it is a PHYSICAL inspection is required.
  • Ensure that you have supporting documents, such as title, bill of sale, or registration. Although not an absolute necessity supporting documents help verify the vehicle.
  • Form REG 31 – This is the form that a DMV employee or a licensed mobile VIN verifier will complete for you. This form is available for you at the DMV or printable online, however, most licensed mobile VIN verifiers have this form already, so you won’t need to bring or have the form with you.

Neither the DMV nor the CHP charges a fee for a VIN verification. However, neither the DMV nor the CHP travels to you where your vehicle is at or at the time that you want like a licensed mobile VIN verifier can. With the DMV and the CHP you will have to take your vehicle in yourself to get the VIN verification done, and for some owners this is either very difficult or impossible. This is ideal if your vehicle is inoperable, as you will not need to two your vehicle in to the DMV or CHP. Also, our service makes it ideal for those who are busy and cannot make time to take the vehicle in.

How much does a VIN verification cost?

  • On-site (in our office): $35
  • Off-site (mobile – we come to you): $50 – For distances further than 20 miles the price will increase but is negotiable.

Are there any vehicles a licensed mobile VIN Verifier cannot process? Yes.

  • Salvage or junked vehicles cannot be verified by anyone other than a CHP officer or the DMV itself. Even if the vehicle has already been branded “salvage” previously by California DMV or by another state DMV, it will need to be taken directly to the CHP or DMV.
  • Motorcycles with no supporting documents and that is doing a change of engine.

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