Cell Phone Usage While Driving In California

Tony Moreno | Aug 30, 2016

Cellphones make our lives easier but they are also often times the reason behind a good deal of accidents on streets and highways. This is because most drivers are now more focused on […]

A Look Into the Rideshare Economy

Tony Moreno | Aug 23, 2016

The popularity of ride-sharing is quickly on the rise as more and more commuters discover the easy and convenience of using these driver-for-hire companies. If you know anything about the ride-sharing economy, you […]

The Rise of The Self-Driving Car

Tony Moreno | Aug 22, 2016

If you pay attention to the breakthroughs that frequently occur in the car industry, you have likely already heard a thing or two about self-driving vehicles. This is because just within the past […]

A Simple Checklist for Your Homemade Roadside Emergency Kit

Tony Moreno | Jan 13, 2016

It is recommended that every driver equip their vehicle with a comprehensive roadside emergency kit. While there are kits available for purchase a major retailers, it’s really easy to make your own and […]