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When and Why To Upgrade Your Auto Policy

family-carNot every insurance policy is right for every customer. There are many differentiating factors that influence what type of coverage is necessary. When it comes to auto insurance, certain circumstances require individuals to upgrade their policy. Although obvious changes such as purchasing a new car or paying off your old one come with mandatory policy upgrades, more personal life changes should also influence your auto insurance policy. If you have recently made a big life change in your personal life or in your financial life you should consider adjusting your auto policy to reflect them.

Here are 4 life changes that should make you consider upgrading your policy and why.

1. Having children. Once you bring children into your family you change the dynamics of the cargo you carry with you. The liability insurance you have on your current vehicle won’t provide you with additional medical coverage you might need in case of an accident. If you plan on having children now is the perfect time to upgrade your insurance policy.

2. After Purchasing a New Car. Financed cars require a different set of insurance coverage than vehicles with released liens, and if you recently purchased a car you will need to upgrade your insurance policy. Full coverage is generally required by law for vehicles with liens against the titles.

3. Recently retired. For those recently retired, a change in your auto policy might be necessary. Chances are you are overpaying for auto insurance and could receive an extensive discount simply by hitting a certain age bracket. Upgrade your policy to garner such benefits on your next auto cycle.

4. You have a Teen Driver. Obviously, you understand that having a teenager on your insurance requires an adjustment to your auto policy, but what you may fail to realize is that you may currently not have enough coverage. Speak with an expert to make sure you have the right amount of coverage.

Although these the most common instances where a policy upgrade is necessary, there are thousands of other extenuating circumstances that require changes to your insurance. Let us take the guess work out of your upgrade by calling us for more information! Locate a nearby Tony Moreno Insurance agent today!

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