Tony Moreno | Aug 30, 2016

texting-while-drivingCellphones make our lives easier but they are also often times the reason behind a good deal of accidents on streets and highways. This is because most drivers are now more focused on retrieving that call, returning that last text message or updating their status instead of keeping their eyes on the road. To prevent these careless accidents, lawmakers are left with the responsibility of making our streets safer for everyone. If you happen to live in California, you may very well know that Californian lawmakers take the issue or texting/talking while driving seriously. To ensure you are in compliance with all regulations, here is a look at the laws in California regarding texting or talking while driving.

Handheld Cellphones
Using a handheld cellphone when driving in California is strictly against the law, unless you are making an emergency call, operating an authorized emergency vehicle or operating a vehicle on your own property. First time offenders are fined $76, the second offense will cost you $190 and violations will appear on your driving record but not count as a point.

Hands-Free Cellphones
Drivers who are over the age of 18 are allowed to use hands-free phone systems, such as Bluetooth earpieces or speakerphones, when driving. Those under the age of 18 are prohibited from using any type of cellphone when behind the wheel.

California has passed its own law that outlaws texting while driving all together. Under the conditions of this new law, drivers cannot write, send or read text based communications when operating a vehicle. This includes text messages, IMs and email.

Make sure you are following all of California’s driving laws when you hit the road in the the golden state to keep you, your family and other safe. If you need to, get yourself a new hands-free Bluetooth device for the car!

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