Tony Moreno | Jan 27, 2016

los-angeles-insuranceWhat are you paying for your auto insurance? When you factor in the state minimum wage and the cost of living, auto insurance is usually fairly affordable here in the state of California but there are some places it can cost you a pretty penny. Check out this list of the top 5 California cities where auto insurance coverage is typically the most expensive and why.

Glendale – Glendale is not that big of a city but it does have a large population, which is why it tops the list of the most expensive places to purchase auto insurance.

Los Angeles – Generally the more people you have living in a specific area, the higher your car insurance will be. Since Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the entire country, the cost of auto insurance coverage for LA residents is subsequently on the expensive side.

Inglewood – Inglewood is another LA suburb with an incredibly dense population, which is why it is number 3 on our list. Insurance companies also take into consideration that many accidents in Inglewood involve drivers who are uninsured.

Palmdale – A long and frustrating commute in addition to a large population make Palmdale one of the most expensive Californian cities for auto insurance. In fact, many analysts consider Palmdale by far one of the worst Los Angeles suburbs for commuters.

Santa Monica – Given its location, Santa Monica is also one of the most expensive cities in California to cover your car, truck or SUV with the proper insurance.

While these are the top 5 most expensive cities in California for car insurance, there are other cities in the state where auto insurance is cheaper. For example, auto insurance is typically more affordable in less densely populated areas with lower crime rates such as Santa Maria, Redding, Cupertino and Camarillo.

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